Package installation checklist

1.  Hive Equipment

•Complete hive: hivestand , bottom board, (2) deep hive bodies w/frames, inner cover, outer cover, brick or bunji cord, entrance reducer

•Hive tool

•Feeder of your choice

•Sprayer w/ medicated syrup

•Medicated syrup

•Smoker/fuel ( you probably won’t use it but it is good to get used to bringing and lighting it each time you go to the hive)

•Matches or lighter

2.Personnal Equipment

•Bee suit or light colored long sleeved jacket, mechanism to seal pant legs (rubber bands, duct tape)


•Hat and veil



•Away from people/neighbors

•Away from walkways

•South-facing (sunny) if possible


•Good air flow (but not windy)

•Not in a hollow (damp conditions)

•Water available (natural or supplied by you)

•Ease of access ( bringing equipment in, carrying heavy full frames out)


•Line-up someone from the mentor list so you can ask the inevitable questions

Prepared by Tom Beaton for ECBA/2011